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In the world of Astrium the sun has long been swallowed by The Blood. It is now tainted in dark red and never sets, it balances on a liquid pool between realms. It’s needed for it’s light on either side. Every being that inhabits the arid land live in the upper realm only until turning 20. Then they are diluted into the under plane where an eternal fight between Keepers of the Planes and Legions of The Blood takes place. The grown ups fill in the ranks of either side as soon as judgment decides their place. The realms of Rakanor live in a very delicate balance, in increasing instability. On the underside Keepers are losing the strength to retain the Legions and maintain the light’s equilibrium. On the upper side the only way to slain the darkness that slips the balance is to summon creatures from the imagination plane. All children begin with 3 years as Apprentices of the Fertile Invention but only a few reach the Passing Age of 20 as Elders and Master Summoners.

The Gleaning Apprentice

Rankor, Rusti, Runiver and Roni are creations of aRe, a 4 years old Apprentice that summons primates inspired from old journals from the Archives.

The Invention Apprentice

Lincan, Lavish, Litany, Lancors, Lotar and Lush are the inventions of Pi, a 11 years old User that summons mechanized mythical creatures from gadgets from the House of Technology.